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Are you ready to be judged?

Tonight, Pete and I are attending the KUMA (Te Kupeka Umaka Māori Araiteuru) Māori Business Awards in Waihopai/Invercargill.

Putting yourself up for scrutiny

Tonight, Pete and I are attending the KUMA (Te Kupeka Umaka Māori Araiteuru) Māori Business Awards in Waihopai/Invercargill.  I feel, humbled, honoured and privileged that Just Like You, Aotearoa has been selected as a finalist in the Emerging Enterprise section for 2021.

Waiting in anticipation

I’m not sure if many of us like to put ourselves out there for judgement and scrutiny.  It’s not easy to sit at an event with the anticipation of possibly winning and not hear your name called.  To be honest I haven’t ever really experienced this before but I’ve seen a few awards shows on TV and can imagine how it feels. 

To prepare or not prepare

How prepared should I be? I’ve checked out the other finalists in my section and their mahi looks amazing. Should I prepare a winner’s speech?  Is this being too cocky but then I don’t want to appear unprofessional and how good am I at speaking off-the-cuff? Note to self – prepare a brief speech just in case. I get terribly nervous and I’m not clever or witty enough to speak off-the-cuff.  

Sisterly advice

When chatting with my sister Leigh this week, she gave me some incredible advice.  Don’t focus on the winning or losing element.  No matter what, you are being judged and it is a panel of people’s opinions. Enjoy the night.  Enjoy being around other successful businesses. This advice helped immensely. It helped calm my nerves and reminded me to focus on the bigger picture.

The unseen gains

I am now a member of KUMA and so excited about the opportunities I will be able to link into through this business organization with a focus on Māori kaupapa/purpose. I am so excited about the event tonight.  I am looking forward to the whanaungatanga/sense of connection, the manākitanga/hospitality and to hear all stories of other Māori businesses thriving and how they are doing this.  To learn from this. I am ready to be inspired and to have my wairua/spirit filled up and of course I do love an opportunity to get dressed up.

Timely overview of the business and our direction

So, this afternoon I will be heading to Waihopai filled with hope; and excited about an inspiring, fun night filled with joy and laughter. If I win – OMG I will be thrilled and if I don’t that is just fine.  The process of putting the application in was a timely opportunity to take an overview of my business and focus on the direction in which I want to continue sailing my waka, in this voyage of life.

Aroha nui


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