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Do you have a hearts desire chirping away?

Do you have a dream job, goal or a calling that just sits there in the back of your mind, chirping away?

Do you have a dream job, goal or a calling that just sits there in the back of your mind, chirping away? It might even be a hobby you have always wanted to pursue like pottery classes (not one of mine but one a couple of beautiful wahine I know well).

A long time ago …

Many moons ago I trained to be a registered nurse and as a previous blog described I didn’t have the confidence to go out there once I graduated.  Even though I didn’t carry on with this I have always loved helping people. Does this come from mums love of picking up stray dogs and people in the form of hitch hikers throughout our childhood or a deeper soul purpose?

No matter your beliefs

No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs, I believe we have a unique purpose.  A unique gift to give and bring to make the world a better place (lol I must be wearing my Pollyanna glasses this morning).

Rongoa Māori healing

I’m not sure if I have exactly found what mine is but I do know that I have an innate calling to learn traditional Rongoa Māori – healing with plants.  I believe everything carries an energy/vibration with and within it and plants have amazing healing and uplifting abilities.

Bach flowers, herbal teas

I have used Bach flowers for many years – think Rescue Remedy.  I love the properties of essential oils – a plants defense and healing mechanism. I love herbal teas for their various healing abilities – do you enjoy how a cup of green tea makes you feel calm and relaxed? It contains L-Theanine an amino acid that is reputed to ease anxiety and have calming benefits.

Until the time is right I’ll keep sipping my herbal teas

I am not sure when the opportunity will arise for me to continue on my healing journey with plants and that is also OK.  I have learnt that when the time is right, things happen and move very quickly.  Until then I’ll enjoy the cup of licorice root tea I’m currently sipping on and dream of Rongoa wananga.

Aroha nui


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