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Gratitude of friends

Last week I shared about how close I was to burnout. I was scared to share this. Worried that people would think that I was weak and maybe I wasn’t a good, safe bet. Don’t order earrings from that wahine – she’s going to fail.

Instead, I received positive affirmation from other wahine that were feeling the same.  Trying to run a home, a business a family, give to their community and more.  It can be exhausting if we continuously put ourselves second and I think frustrating.

I had one friend Janine share my blog because she has been feeling the same.  She reached out to me and gave me a Doterra essential oil care pack which included their Touch Adaptiv blend.  Perfect for stressful times.  It smells delicious and feels grounding and uplifting at the same time.

I had created a custom pair of beautiful recycled rubber earrings for an order which ended up through texting confusion being incorrect. I have decided to name this colour combination after Janine as a thank you for her care reaching out to me.  The top feather is pink which is a heart chakra colour – perfect for this beautiful wahine.

This whakataukii came to mind and I think it is the perfect ending to my blog this week:

E iti noa ana, naa te aroha

Although it is small, it is given with love.

Take care, give to yourself first and remember to write down and speak out loud the things you are grateful for.

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