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This isn’t a dress rehearsal whanau

I like to frequently set and re-evaluate goals.  They can be personal or business ones or both.  I often write them in the notes section on my phone or down in my diary/workbook. I don’t always meet or even come close to some of them. But at other times it is quite amazing to see that they have come to fruition or exceeded my expectations. Sometimes they take a little longer to executed because I get distracted along the way.  But it is so good to track your progress because sometimes changes can be so small and incremental that we just don’t notice them.

An example is that I have set business goals for the number of Instagram and Facebook followers that I would like to have by the end of 2021.  Each month I write down the date and current followers, adding to this and checking it on a monthly basis. By doing it this way, I can see and measure the progress and the growth.

I love learning and because of this I am constantly buying new books and looking for courses to attend which are exciting and challenging.  In 2021 I’ve set a goal of attending three creative courses.  I know that my busiest work time is October, November and December – so I need to find courses to attend in the other nine months of the year (obvious I know but you have to break goals down into smaller incremental, achievable pieces).

This weekend I’m attending an afternoon of painting with my friend Jenny.  I get to tag along for free as her lovely daughter Emma often buys her activities as birthday presents. This motivated me to look for other creative courses and because of my current career path into the world of recycled rubber jewellery, I thought it appropriate to pursue something in this field.  I spent a few hours trawling through the internet looking for jewellery classes – weighing up the value of a course in Nelson and trying to justify flights and accommodation (what would the accountant say). When suddenly I found one in Queenstown, Arthurs Point to be exact with jeweller/artist Jessica Winchcombe of Studio 42.  It is a weekly course, runs for 2 hours, once a week and is well priced.

Suddenly my goal of attending 3 creative classes in 2021 is two thirds of the way there!! I may not find a third class (hopefully I do) and that’s OK because not all goals are necessarily met.  The point is, if you don’t set some and take action moving forward to achieve them, then nothing will happen.  There is a quote I like “Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.  Spatially it is off but you get the meaning of it. We are beings that are meant to evolve, grow and learn. Not stagnate.  We all know how smelly and foul a stagnant pond can be (and grumpy too).

What things do you have planned for 2021? I challenge you to set some goals, take action, see where it leads you and who you’ll get to meet along the way. This isn’t a dress rehearsal whānau and you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Until next time, aroha nui


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