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Lockdown again

We are in lockdown again and things feel surreal. I was shocked to see the special briefing that was held ...

We are in lockdown again and things feel surreal.  I was shocked to see the special briefing that was held, telling us Delta was here and we were going into level 4 Lockdown.  I am not sure about you but I thought Aotearoa had dodged a bullet with the first wave and that a majority of us would be immunized (be you for it or against it) and life would actually continue as normal. 

Boarders opening up

Boarders opening up, international travel – to be honest I was looking forward to domestic travel and a few nights away with my girlfriends in September and now that all seems to be up in the air.

How are you going?

How is lockdown for you this time? Our bubble has halved in size.  Laura is at university, Will is out flatting and mum has stayed at home.

Lockdown for me this time

For me this lockdown is allowing additional time to get those “jobs” done I personally love to avoid – like mowing the lawns.  On a good day our lawns take 45 minutes to do with the hand mower.  No ride-on mowers here! Tick – they had their first season cut yesterday.

Blogs and feathers

I’m writing a couple of blogs, so that I have a few up my sleeve to publish during those busier times and I am also building up a stock of precut recycled rubber feathers.  So that when things return to whatever our new normal is, I will be ready to fulfil orders.  

Deep diving into the pantry

I have also ventured into our pantry and I’m planning on going deep.  I have out a box of falafel mix with an expiry date I am not prepared to share.  I’ll see how these go for lunch.  Then I will continue to utilize foods purchased during fads and phases so that I am reducing our food waste.


I am also going to have a play with some of the items I have purchased over the last few months – mainly crafty things like candle and concrete molds.

Toilet paper and flour

I don’t think I am feeling as scared as I did last time.  I think we and our health care services know what we are dealing with this time around, we are better prepared.   There are fewer unknowns – our supermarkets won’t run out of toilet paper or flour and protective face masks are probably here to stay. 


Facemasks have been a part of Japanese culture for some time now, a fashion accessory. I might do a bit of essential online shopping and purchase a few more facemasks so that I can co-ordinate them with some of my outfits … I think a leopard print mask is calling me.

Take care and keep safe.

Aroha nui


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