Kawakawa Leaf Necklace – Sterling Silver

This stunning Kawakawa leaf necklace and chain is made by the talented MJ from Winter in July.

Kawakawa is closely related to black pepper and kava, and it can be seen in coastal and lowland forest throughout mainland New Zealand.

The plant with the heart-shaped leaves are an important part of Maori culture. A sprig of kawakawa would be placed under the bed as a good luck charm to bring about conception. It was also used for other important occasions such as birth and naming children, welcoming guests, blessing food and blessing war parties before battle. After a loved one departed the land of the living and returned to Hawaiki, mourners would wrap kawakawa leaves around their heads to signify the loss. Kawakwa leaves would also be carried.

Kawakawa was used as medicine, and Maori sought out leaves with the most holes, as they believed caterpillars ate the leaves with the highest concentration of medicine.

European settlers used the leaves for making tea and beer.

Metal: Sterling silver

Measurements: 18.8mm x 17.5mm; chain 45cm

Finish: Satin


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