Tracking and Finding Deer in New Zealand by Roger Lentle

Learn the secrets to successful deerstalking from expert Roger Lentle. With over 50 years of experience, Roger’s medical and scientific training have enabled him to systemically evaluate the habits of deer and the traditional and modern methods used for tracking and finding them.
This book is designed for the deerstalker who wishes to increase their skill in tracking and finding deer in the wild utilising the following skills:
* Learn to read and distinguish hoof prints – how these print impressions change with weather conditions and the type of soil, so you can estimate how long ago a print was made.
* Recognise changes in the pattern of prints – indicating a change in speed and gait, so you can estimate whether an animal is startled or calm.
* Understand how deer navigate the landscape between feeding and safe areas by assessing the positions of their tracks and common trails.
* Read the signs that are left by feeding, mating and couching – how these change over time and how long ago they were made.
* Learn techniques for spotting and stalking deer in different terrains.
* Implement modern aids such as infrared and image intensifiers to improve your hunting.
Explained in detail and accompanied by helpful illustrations, Tracking and Finding Deer in New Zealand is an invaluable read for novice and experienced hunters alike.


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