Would you like to help out the people of the Ukraine but haven’t known what to do?

I’m flabbergasted at what has occurred in the Ukraine and the massive refugee crisis. So I’ve created a pair of earrings called Ukraine and 50% of the earrings sale (not including postage) will be donated to UNICEF.

The recycled rubber earrings have two feathers – one yellow and one blue with a thread at the back which has a drop of approximately 5.5 cm.

The earrings are $30 each so $15 will be donated to UNICEF. I chose UNICEF because they “help all children, near or far, no matter their race or religion”. Globally they are the largest children organisation.

Many of the news shots are of mothers and children who are seen making the arduous journey to escape the fighting in the Ukraine as men of fighting age stay and fight for their country.



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