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Wick Trimmer

Wick trimmers are an essential part of candle burning. Each time, before you relight your beautiful candle it is best practice to trim your wick. Trimming the wick controls the amount of wax that can burn – reducing the amount of black soot and it also prolongs the life of your candle, giving you a cleaner, brighter burn.

Candle burning tips:

I keep a pretty lidded metal container and my wick trimmer  close to where I burn the majority of my candles.  In here I tap my trimmed wick and also put my burnt matches. It keeps everything tidy but also means I get the best out of my candles each time.

Trim your candles when you see a mushrooming type end on your wick and when they are a bit long. Be careful not to trim them too short or your candle won’t have enough wick to burn properly.  Trim your wick to about 6 mm.

Once more candle tip and this one is super important – when you burn your candle for the very first time allow the wax to burn all the way across the container.  Sometimes this may take several hours.  Why you ask? Have you ever brought a beautiful candle and wondered why it tunneled down into your container and no matter what you did you couldn’t get it to burn all the way across and you felt like half the wax was wasted and not burned? By burning the candle all the way across on the first burn, you create something called candle memory and from then on it should burn well.


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